Refereés recommendation

The proposed project “A Contribution to Decoding Concepts Important in Aerospace Technology and Engineering” (hereafter: Proposal) is definitely interesting to a number of issues risen in already established KYOTO project (Knowledge Yielding Ontologies for Transition-based Organisation).  In the KYOTO project a Wiki platform is developed to establish cross-language and cross-culture terminology alignment to a shared ontology. While the KYOTO project aims at modelling many more than 50 concepts, the level of granularity in the Proposal is focused on a limited number of key concepts and therefore interesting to explore.

I anticipate the collaboration potentials at different levels:

invitations to workshops across projects

sharing technical means

reviewing of project evaluations, publications and results.

Since the globalization of communication brings with it a concomitant globalization of world-wide problems and the need for new solutions, knowledge sharing and transfer are essential for sustainable growth and development. In both cases, it is important that distributed information and experience can be re-used on a global scale. The globalization of problems and their solutions requires that information and communication be supported across a wide range of disciplines and cultures. Such a system should allow both experts and laymen to access this information in their own language, without recourse to cultural background knowledge. Therefore I recommend the Proposal for the required funding by the Sir Ross & Sir Keith Smith Fund.

Piek Vossen, KYOTO project Coordinator,
Professor Computational Lexicology
Faculteit der Letteren
VU University Amsterdam
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam
Room 11A26
Tel. +31 (0)20 5986457
Fax. +31 (0)20 5986500    

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